Visa Information


Visitors Entering Brazil

A valid passport and in some cases a visa is required to travel to Brazil to citizens of countries that impose the same restriction to Brazilian citizens. Please check here for a list of countries whose citizens do not need a visa to travel to Brazil. For example, a visa is required for U.S. and Canadian citizens. In this case, please visit the Brazilian Embassy website in Washington, D.C. For further information about visa application requirements, contact your travel agent or a local Brazilian Consulate office.

The organization will provide a visa letter to participants on demand (please send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).

IMPORTANT: No visa letter will be issued prior to formal registration.

Currency Exchange

It is necessary to have some Brazilian currency (Real) on hand to pay for taxis and tips. There are several money exchange offices in the airport and downtown area. They either charge a fee or take a couple of percentage points off the exchange rate for their services. Major credit cards are accepted most anywhere. You usually get the most favorable exchange rate by using your credit card.

A visa is a document issued by Brazilian embassies and consulates abroad to allow a foreigner entry into the country.

Visas are issued to foreigners with different validities and privileges, according to the purpose of the visit to the country. They are:

The visa is individual and its grant may extend to legal dependents.

Please, remember that the visa application must be made by you in person at the Brazilian embassies or consulates abroad, before your visit to Brazil.

Note: the issue of a visa does not guarantee your entry or stay in Brazil, as it can be vetoed by Immigration on your entry into the country.

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