ICGSE 2012

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The campus of the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul – PUCRS is located on Ipiranga Avenue, one of the main roads of Porto Alegre, in the Partenon neighborhood, around 20 minutes from the International Salgado Filho Airport and 15 minutes from downtown.

The university complex, which is over 55 hectares, offers a variety of conveniences to the academic community and to visitors. The environment is composed of large green areas, with various landscape elements, offering broad shades and pleasant spaces for studying, leisure and interactions.

The public circulating in the campus has access to restaurants, shopping, banking services, sports (Sports Park) and leisure, including the Science and Technology Museum, the fifth largest in the world with interactive resources.

The complete infrastructure attends to more than 30 thousand students, the 1.5 thousand professors and 5 thousand administrative technicians, including the São Lucas Hospital. In the built area of more than 350 thousand m², there are 22 Schools, 10 institutes, 8 peripheral units and a library. There are 55 undergraduate programs offered. The Continuing Education Center offers more than 100 course options, between extension, additional certification and lato sensu graduate study programs (specializations). The stricto sensu graduate programs consist of 41 programs: 23 Master’s and 19 Doctorate.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship
The University includes Inovapuc – a network of innovation and entrepreneurship. The following are also part of the Network: the Science and Technology Park (Tecnopuc); the Entrepreneurial Nucleus, which supports and encourages innovative and entrepreneurial activities; Ideia – The Institute for Research and Development, which supports the development of research projects and offers a laboratory infrastructure; the Raiar Incubator, which houses start-up companies; the Innovation Center, which aims to accelerate the use of new technologies and develop training programs; Labelo – Specialized Laboratories in Electro-electronics, which certifies products to meet international regulations and norms; AGT – the Technology Management Agency, which fosters the development of research projects; ETT – the Technology Transfer Office, which evaluates inventions and protects intellectual property; AGE – the Enterprise Management Agency, which organizes and develops fundraising strategies, new enterprises and specialized services; and NAGI – the Innovation Management Support Center, which produces diagnoses for innovation processes, offering consulting and training. Together, these units foster the innovation process and entrepreneurship at PUCRS.

Science and Technology Park (Tecnopuc)


The Science and Technology Park of PUCRS (Tecnopuc), which was officially inaugurated on August 25, 2003, stimulates research and innovation by means of simultaneous activities between academia, private institutions and the government. Companies of different sizes, research entities and centers from the institution itself are being housed in an area of 5.4 hectares, on the University Campus. Tecnopuc houses 66 organizations, with 48 companies, 8 entities and 10 research structures at PUCRS, which, together, amount to more than 3.5 thousand jobs.




Campus Map

  1. Main Entrance by Av. Ipiranga
  2. Building 41 – Panorama Restaurant (3rd floor), DCTravel Travel Agency (ground floor), ATM machines (underground parking lot floor)
  3. Building 32 – Computer Science School (Faculdade de Informática)
  4. Building 32 Parking Lot in front of the Building 32
  5. Palatus’ Restaurant
  6. Building 99A – ThoughtWorks (located at the Tecnopuc main entrance)
  7. Tecnopuc Parking Lot by the Tecnopuc Main Entrance
  8. Building 81 - Soccer Match Place, 4th floor (Faculdade de Educação Física)